Culture, Heritage and Diversity

Pilot Project on the Rehabilitation of Cultural Heritage in Historic Towns


Implementation Process


In accepting the General Reference Framework on the Pilot Project for Rehabilitation of Cultural Heritage in Historic Towns, the five participating countries have confirmed their will to explore new methods for drawing up and implementing urban development projects, substituting a centralised decision-making system with a local dynamic relying on high participation from the inhabitants.


The Pilot Project takes place within a multidisciplinary and political framework, involving the different partner institutions in the pilot dimension of the project, which makes it possible to explore and test new approaches and methods in matters of direct concern to the public authorities. Each stage proposed within the Pilot Project will improve the existing general operational arrangements in order to develop the capacity of the institutions to ensure the management of complex projects.


The Pilot Project therefore helps to amend existing policies, making State and local authority practices more effective by directly influencing the legislative and regulatory framework, while reinforcing the role of the local population and civil society in the decision-making process, and enabling the replication of the process on a larger scale.


The various (but provisional) steps of the Preliminary and Operational phases will necessarily evolve during the course of the Pilot Project, according to the experience gained in the field. These steps are set out below, and will be linked to available documents and additional information provided by the five participating member states.


Preliminary phase (2010-2011) – status: underway

Coordination and management structures

Memorandum of Understanding - Interministerial Commission

Terms of Reference - Steering Committees

Programme/Project/Assistant Coordinators and Project Managers

 Coordination and Experts meetings

Heritage Assessment

National working teams


Priority Intervention Towns (PIT)


PIT Files

PIT List

General Brochure

Urban Reference Plans

Test Workshop

Demonstration towns list

Demonstration Workshops

Pilot Town List

Local technical teams

PTF for Pilot Towns

  Analysis Report

Evaluation - taking stock

Operational Phase (2012 onwards) – status: to be detailed according to progress made

Urban Reference Plans

Diagnosis Report

Strategy Report

Planning Report

Heritage Enhancement

Preservation (consolidation, maintenance)

Awareness Raising / Education / Visitors

Civil Society

Heritage Rehabilitation

Preliminary Technical Assessment

Feasibility Studies / Business Plans

Project Promotion

Fund Raising

Project Management

Project Implementation



A map of the region


Related activity

Kyiv Initiative




in progress

to be done