Building a Europe for and with children



All Council of Europe bodies, institutions and directorates share the programme's vision and contribute to meeting its objectives. This teamwork at the level of the Organisation is inspired by a co-ordination unit for the programme (attached to the Directorate General of Social Cohesion) and an inter-sectoral task force, made up of representatives from all of the relevant Council of Europe secretariats.

Council of Europe bodies and institutions

The Council of Europe's bodies and institutions have developed a range of sophisticated tools to uphold and expand the protection of children's rights in Europe. These are: standard-setting; monitoring; policy development; technical assistance; and awareness-raising, education and training. To achieve sustainable results, these tools are combined to form a web of inter-dependent strategies and methods to be used by internal sectors of the Organisation, and in co-operation with its outside partners.

Our programme has and will continue to mobilise the resources of the four pillars of the Council of Europe - governments, parliamentarians, local and regional authorities and non-governmental organisations (NGOs). Thanks to our many expert committees, we have access to the expertise of many professionals and can involve relevant actors such as judges, lawyers, doctors, psychologists, teachers, journalists, parents, children and other intergovernmental organisations.

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