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World Forum for Democracy

The Council of Europe gives young people a say in how to revitalise democracy 

From 3 to 5 November 2014, at a time when young people all over the world are rallying to make their voice heard and demand new means of direct democratic expression, the Council of Europe will be holding its World Forum for Democracy in Strasbourg, with the backing of the French Government, the Alsace Region and the City of Strasbourg.

Some 1,200 participants – civil society activists, elected representatives, political leaders, and representatives of the media – from 80 countries are expected to attend this third Forum to discuss new ways of encouraging young citizens to become involved and imagine new forms of democratic participation. (more...)


Council of Europe Journal

Welcome to our weekly look at news and views of people involved in issues of human rights, democracy and the rule of law in Europe!

In the Journal this week:

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  • Walking against sexual exploitation of children
  • A competition to draw democracy and human rights in school