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"Don't walk in front of me; I may not follow. Don't walk behind me; I may not lead. Walk beside me and be my friend" Attributed to Albert Camus

In 2010, the Council of Europe adopted Guidelines on child friendly justice intended to enhance children’s access to and treatment in justice.

Intended for use by professionals working in the criminal, civil or administrative justice systems, these Guidelines address themes such as the family, mistrust of authority and the need for respect, and the importance for children and young people to be listened to. The issues covered include information, representation and participation rights, protection of privacy, safety, a multidisciplinary approach and training, safeguards at all stages of proceedings and deprivation of liberty.

Around 30 partners throughout Europe contributed to the pre-drafting consultation, preparing and disseminating a questionnaire, and also organising discussion groups with children and young people in their different surroundings in order to find out their views about justice in all its forms.

All documents can be downloaded here

“Keep me safe” from sexual violence: new documentary launched:  This documentary illustrates good practices taking place in different member states through prevention, education and protection of victims, and through promoting child-friendly justice.


More language versions of the Child-friendly Justice Guidelines available

“Keep me safe” from sexual violence: new documentary launched

World leaders promote child friendly justice

Interview with Dr Silvia Casale, Independent Consultant and former President of CPT, United Kingdom

Interview with Mr Cédric Foussard, Director of International Affairs, International Juvenile Justice Observatory (OIJJ) (in French)