Didier Reynders, Chairman of the Committee of MinistersDidier Reynders: The cradle of our civilisation must not become the grave of those aspiring to be part of it
[22/04/2015] It is totally contrary to our vision and our values that the cradle of our civilisation should become the grave of those aspiring to be part of it, said Didier Reynders, Chairman of the Committee of Ministers of the Council of Europe, today in his statement to the Parliamentary Assembly, referring to last weekends serious incidents in the Mediterranean.
He stressed that the human tragedy is part of the wider crisis in the Mediterranean and that this represents a real challenge not only for the countries of origin and receiving countries, but also for European organisations such as the Council of Europe. Refugees should be entitled to the human rights set out in the Convention as soon as they are on European territory, he said (more ...).

1225th meeting of the Ministers' Deputies (15 April 2015)
[15/04/2015] On 15 April, Sir Nicolas Bratza, Chairman of the International Advisory Panel on Ukraine (IAP), presented to the Ministers' Deputies the conclusions of the report of the IAP regarding the investigations conducted into the violent events in Maidan. Following this presentation, the Deputies held an exchange of views with Sir Bratza and took several decisions on the situation in Ukraine. They recalled the Committee's position concerning the illegal annexation by the Russian Federation of the Autonomous Republic of Crimea and the city of Sevastopol and stressed once again that it cannot form the basis for any alteration of their status. They called upon all parties concerned to strictly respect the Minsk Agreements and to take the necessary further steps for their swift and full implementation (more ...)
1224th meeting of the Ministers' Deputies (1 April 2015)
[02/04/2015] At their meeting on 1 April, the Ministers' Deputies adopted a Recommendation to member states spelling out the principles they should follow in their national legislation concerning the processing of personal data of employees and job candidates, for example with regard to health data or the monitoring of communications in the workplace.
The Deputies also adopted a Recommendation to promote and protect free flow of information on the Internet and to ensure that any blocking of content complies with human rights standards and does not interfere with international Internet traffic (more ...).

 Federal Public Service of Justice - Belgium / Stephen VinckeEuropean Convention on Human Rights
European justice ministers back new action plan for implementing human rights judgments
[27/03/2015] Following on from the conferences held in Interlaken (2010), Izmir (2011) and Brighton (2012), the Belgian Chairmanship of the Committee of Ministers has organised in Brussels, on 26 and 27 March 2015, a high-level conference entitled Implementation of the European Convention, our shared responsibility (more ...).
1223rd meeting of the Ministers' Deputies (18-19 March 2015)
[19/03/2015] At their meeting this week, the Ministers' Deputies held a thematic debate on "Council of Europe action against extremism and radicalisation leading to terrorism", which will be an important item at the next Ministerial Session (Brussels, 19 May 2015) (more ...).
Execution of European Court of Human Rights judgments
Committee of Ministers publishes final versions of decisions and resolutions adopted at first special "human rights" meeting for 2015

[16/03/2015] The Committee of Ministers has made public the final versions of decisions and resolutions adopted at its first special "human rights" meeting for 2015 (11-12 March) during which it has examined the state of implementation of judgments of the European Court of Human Rights.
Interim Resolutions have been adopted in the following cases: Ilgar Mammadov v. Azerbaijan; Khashiyev and Akayeva v. the Russian Federation; Catan and others v. the Russian Federation (more ...).
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The Committee of Ministers is the Council of Europe's decision-making body. It is composed of the Ministers for Foreign Affairs of the 47 member states or their permanent representatives in Strasbourg (more...).
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1221st meeting of the Ministers' Deputies (4 March 2015)
[04/03/2015] At their meeting on 4 March, the Ministers' Deputies adopted a statement condemning the murder of the former Deputy Prime Minister of the Russian Federation, Boris Nemtsov, on 27 February in Moscow. They called for a prompt, impartial and transparent investigation into the circumstances of this murder so that those responsible are rapidly brought to justice.
Referring to the statement of 27  February by the Chairman of the Committee of Ministers, Mr Didier Reynders, concerning Ms Nadia Savchenko, the Deputies expressed their concern about the rapidly deteriorating health situation of the latter. They called upon the Russian authorities to consider the medical safety of Ms Savchenko as an absolute priority and to release her without delay on humanitarian grounds (more ...).

Didier Reynders calls on Russia to release Nadia Savchenko and other Ukrainian citizens
[27/02/2015] The Deputy Prime Minister and Minister of Foreign Affairs Didier Reynders is concerned about Nadia Savchenko, who started a hunger strike eleven weeks ago to protest against her detention in Russia. The health of Mrs. Savchenko is rapidly deteriorating. Just like any other person under the jurisdiction of a member state of the Council of Europe, Mrs Savchenko should benefit from the guarantees offered by the relevant instruments of the Council of Europe, in particular the European Convention on Human Rights. Abduction, illegal transfer and illegal detention of persons are unacceptable (more ...).

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