Back Foreign Affairs Minister of Liechtenstein addresses PACE

Foreign Affairs Minister of Liechtenstein addresses PACE

In her communication, Dominique Hasler, Minister of Foreign Affairs, Education and Sport of Liechtenstein and President of the Committee of Ministers, mentioned the need for continued support to Ukraine and referred to the Presidency’s priorities.

“In Reykjavík our leaders sent a strong message expressing their unwavering support to Ukraine and firmly condemning the illegal war of aggression launched by the Russian Federation,” the minister recalled.

This year, a number of important steps have been taken. The Satellite Office of the Register was inaugurated in Kyiv on 23 March. The office has an important role in coordinating the exchange of information with other international organisations, Ukrainian authorities and civil society organisations, including the exchange of evidence. On 2 April, the Register of Damage officially opened the claims submission process.

“The Liechtenstein Presidency will continue to advocate for broader membership in the Register and encourage non-member states to join efforts to ensuring justice,” she said.

Mrs Hasler also paid tribute to Alexei Navalnyy. The Committee of Ministers urged for an effective investigation into his death by an international independent and impartial commission of inquiry. In addition, work will continue, including with other international bodies, to remind Russia of its unconditional legal obligation to implement judgments by the European Court of Human Rights.

Quality information and sustainable journalism in the digital era, the abolition of the death penalty worldwide and artificial intelligence have also been among the priorities of the Presidency. The Council of Europe’s Framework Convention on artificial intelligence will be on the agenda of the ministerial session on 17 May.

Finally, “this year’s 75th anniversary of the Council of Europe provides an important opportunity to demonstrate our common commitment to multilateralism, as well as to the principles of human rights, democracy and the rule of law,” Mrs Hasler said. In this context, the Liechtenstein Presidency is organising a youth event to enable interested youth from across Europe to add their voice to the work of the organisation.

Parliamentary Assembly session Strasbourg 17 April 2024
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