Secretary General on decree of pardon by President Aliyev

Secretary General 30 December 2014 Strasbourg

Statement of Secretary General Jagland regarding the decree of pardon signed on 29 December by President Aliyev

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Freedom of expression in Azerbaijan

Spokesperson of the Secretary General 28 December 2014 Strasbourg

Raid and closure of Radio Free Europe in Azerbaijan raises concerns over freedom of expression

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EU accession to Human Rights Convention

Parlimentary Assembly 18 December 2014 Strasbourg

Let's overcome hurdles to ensure EU accedes to the Human Rights Convention, says President of the Parliamentary Assembly

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Eastern Partnership

Council of Europe 18 December 2014 Strasbourg

Council of Europe and European Commission boost cooperation in Eastern Europe

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Human rights report on Hungary

Commissioner for Human Rights 16 December 2014 Strasbourg

Progress needed on media freedom, anti-discrimination measures and migrants’ rights, says Commissioner for Human Rights

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Concern at arrest of journalists in Turkey

Commissioner for Human Rights 15 December 2014 Strasbourg

Commissioner for Human Rights makes statement following yesterday's arrests of journalists and media workers

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Ukrainian authorities agree to improve Lustration law

Venice Commission 15 December 2014 Strasbourg

Just published, an “interim opinion” by the Council of Europe’s constitutional law experts, the Venice Commission, on Ukraine’s law on government cleansing (Lustration Law), welcomes the readiness of Ukrainian authorities to amend the law, so as to be more in line with the Ukrainian Constitution...

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Roma inclusion is mission possible

Commissioner for Human Rights 10 December 2014 Strasbourg

International Human Rights Day

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Fight against death penalty

Committee of Ministers 10 December 2014 Strasbourg

Committee of Ministers declaration on executions in the US

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CIA's “extraordinary” renditions

headline Secretary General Strasbourg 10 December 2014

Secretary General Thorbjørn Jagland welcomes transparency of US Senate CIA report

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Safeguarding childrens' rights

Council of Europe 9 December 2014 Strasbourg

European conference on the best interests of the child

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Democratisation process in Ukraine

Belgian Chairmanship 9 December 2014 Kiev

Didier Reynders reaffirms the support of the Council of Europe to the Ukrainian government reforms

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Conflict in eastern Ukraine

Commissioner for Human Rights 8 December 2014 Strasbourg

Commissioner for Human Rights: devastating effects of conflict in eastern Ukraine

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Concern at detention of Azerbaijani journalist

Parliamentary Assembly 08 December 2014 Strasbourg

“Khadija Ismayilova is one the long-standing partners of the Council of Europe. I met her in my office in Strasbourg during the Assembly’s last part session and I was shocked by the information she provided to me regarding pressure and intimidation exercised against her, as well as other human...

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Supervision of execution of Court's judgments

headline Committee of Ministers 5 December 2014 Strasbourg

Committee of Ministers: decisions on the execution of European Court of Human Rights judgments

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OSCE ministerial conference

Secretary General 4 December 2014 Strasbourg

Secretary General addresses OSCE ministers in Basel

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Protecting journalists under threat

Parliamentary Assembly 04 December 2014 Strasbourg

New online ‘rapid reaction’ platform for journalists under threat

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ICRC president visits Council of Europe

Council of Europe 03 December 2014 Strasbourg

The president of the International Committee of the Red Cross (ICRC), Peter Maurer, visited the Council of Europe on Tuesday 2 December. Following a meeting at the European Court of Human Rights, Mr Maurer met with Secretary General Jagland. Mr Jagland welcomed the visit as a “valuable exchange...

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Secretary General meets Prime Minister of Luxembourg

Secretary General 1 December 2014 Strasbourg

Secretary General Thorbjørn Jagland met today Xavier Bettel, Prime Minister of the Grand Duchy of Luxembourg. The exchange of views focused on the crisis in Ukraine, on the Secretary General’s proposal for a future Council of Europe summit and on the reform of the Organisation. Thorbjørn Jagland...

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Elections in Moldova

Parliamentary Assembly 1 December 2014 Chișinău

Elections were well administered, in a campaign influenced by geopolitical aspirations, say international observers

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