Council of Europe Summit

Reykjavik, 16-17 May 2023

A historic opportunity for the Council of Europe to refocus its mission,
in the light of new threats to democracy and human rights, and to support Ukraine

About the summit

Katrin Jakobsdóttir, Prime Minister of Iceland  

The Summit should guide the organisation in meeting urgent challenges, such as the climate crisis and rapid technological changes, which are having major effects on human rights. Iceland will champion the rights of women and girls, the environment, and children and youth ...

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Marija Pejčinović Burić, Secretary General

Ukraine must take centre stage at the Summit. Accountability for the death and destruction caused by Russian aggression is vital. The Council of Europe will take a lead role in the establishment of a Register to record and document evidence and claims of damage, loss or injury …

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Tiny Kox, President of the Council of Europe Parliamentary Assembly

Member states should at the highest level reaffirm their unity around common values and their unfaltering commitment to multilateralism based on international law. Governments should put the interests, concerns and expectations of people at the forefront of the Council’s work, and mainstream a youth perspective in all its activities …

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Leendert Verbeek, President of the Congress of Local and Regional Authorities

I hope that the 4th Summit will pave the way for a renewed and strengthened multilateralism, a multilateralism that is inclusive and sensitive to the voice of local governments...

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Síofra O’Leary, President of the European Court of Human Rights

The ECHR system has proven itself to be absolutely vital to peace, stability, the protection of democracy and the rule of law. Member States should use the forthcoming Summit to commit the resources necessary to ensure the Court can do its crucial job ...

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Dunja Mijatović, Commissioner for Human Rights

Member states should recommit to Council of Europe values and standards and to reversing human rights backsliding. Strong emphasis should be placed on accountability for gross human rights violations resulting from Russia’s aggression against Ukraine, and on better implementation of the Court’s judgments, the protection of the independence of the judiciary and other pressing human rights issues.

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