Committees set up by the Committee of Ministers for 2022-2025 (intergovernmental structure)

 Intergovernmental Portal

 Terms of reference & contacts per committee (Intranet – restricted access)

 Leaflet – General overview

These committees are governed by Resolution CM/Res(2021)3 on intergovernmental committees and subordinate bodies, their terms of reference and working methods.

 Commentary on CM/Res(2021)3 (Intranet – restricted access)

More information: 
Presentation of the intergovernmental structure 2022-2025 (CM(2021)131-final)  
Compilation of terms of reference 2022-2025 (CM(2021)131-addfinal) and Revision of mandates for committees linked to the European Cultural Convention (CM(2022)108)
Compilation of terms of reference 2024-2027 (CM(2023)131-addfinal) and List of Conventions (CM(2023)132-final)

Committees with a mandate based on a Convention or a Resolution, including partial and enlarged agreements

 Websites & texts per committee (Intranet – restricted access)

 List of partial and enlarged agreements

 Leaflet – General overview

Other bodies: Administrative Tribunal, Oversight Advisory Committee, Budget Committee, Management Board of the Pension Reserve Fund, Ad hoc Committee of Experts on Buildings (CAHB)

Chairs and Secretaries of Monitoring committees (Intranet – restricted access)