Building a Europe for and with children


Violence in schools is one of the most visible forms of violence against children. But the widespread belief that it is on the increase is not fully supported by statistics. Public fear that schools are unsafe is partly fuelled by sensational media reporting, backed up by little or no analysis. However, public awareness and intolerance of school violence has greatly increased over the last 10 years, and most European governments have put school violence on their political agendas.

 Schools cannot fulfill their role as places of learning and socialisation if children and young people are not in an environment free of bullying, intimidation and repression. One of the major aims of the action programme “Children and violence” is to help decision makers determine and implement consistent prevention policies to eliminate violence in schools.

Fact sheet on bullying in schools    

Tackling challenges together: bullying

Violence in schools training pack    

The Violence reduction in schools training pack has been completed – download here

Adopted texts       

The Congress of Local and Regional Authorities of the Council of Europe: 
Recommendation 135 (2003) on local partnerships for preventing and combating violence at school

Resolution 160 (2003) on local partnerships for preventing and combating violence at school

European Commission against Racism and Intolerance (ECRI)
General Policy Recommendation No. 10 on combating racism and racial discrimination in and through school education .

The Parliamentary Assembly

Education against violence at school - compendium of replies received to the questions sent to member state Ministers of Education

Recommendation 1501 (2001) on parents' and teachers' responsibilities in children's education

Recommendation 1286 (1996) on a European strategy for children

European Charter for Democratic Schools without Violence : this charter, initiated by the project "Making democratic institutions  work" was drafted by more than 50 student delegates from European schools. The charter was adopted by an electronic referendum held in co-operation with the Swiss Canton of Geneva. 

Publications and reports  

Report of the Oslo Expert meeting "Tackling violence in schools" (2011)

Violence in schools - a challenge for the local community (2004), out of print, but a pdf may be ordered)

Compass - a manual on human rights education with young people (2002)

Bullying in schools (1999)