Building a Europe for and with children

Council of Europe publications on children's issues

Child participation asessment tool (2014)
Securing children's rights: a Guide for professionals working in alternative care (2014) - also available in Croatian
Child and youth participation in the Republic of Moldova (2013)
Final report: Regional conference combating violence against children, Ankara (2012) - available in Turkish
Family Calendar 2013 on the theme of children's rights (2012) (bilingual)
Child and youth participation in the Slovak Republic (2012)
Final report: "Tackling violence in schools", Oslo (2011)
Children's rights and the European Committee for the Prevention of Torture (2011)
Brochure "Guidelines on child friendly justice" (2011)
Brochure "Eliminating violence against children: guidance for strategic vision and action" (2011)
Child-friendly healthcare: complete texts (2011)
Guidelines of the Committee of Ministers of the Council of Europe on child friendly justice (2011)
Protecting children from sexual violence: A comprehensive approach (2010)
Kiko and the hand (2010)
Family Calendar 2011 Inspired by Mordillo's illustrations (2010)
Child and youth participation in Finland (2010)
Passport to your rights (2010)
Travel the univers of Greater Europe- A new DVD for children aged 6-10
Family Calendar 2010 on the theme of children's rights (2009) (bilingual)
Brochures and posters of the campaign "I have rights"(2009)
Violence reduction in schools training pack (2009)
Campaign pack – Raise your hand against smacking! (2009)
Living and learning democracy: introducing quality assurance of education for democratic citizenship in schools
How all teachers can support citizenship and human rights education
Teaching democracy – A collection of models for democratic citizenship and human rights education  (Not in French)
International justice for children (2008)
Family calendar 2009 on the theme of corporal punishment of children and positive parenting (2008)
European judicial systems  – Edition 2008 (data 2006) Efficiency and quality of justice
Have your say! Manual on the Revised European Charter on the Participation of young people in local and regional life (2008)
Eradicating violence against children (2008) (In French, 2009 version available)
“Off the books!”-A guidance for Europe’s parliaments on law reform to eliminate corporal punishment (2008)
Compasito - Manual on human rights education for children (2008)
Eliminating corporal punishment - A human rights imperative for Europe's children New edition
Abolishing corporal punishment of children - Questions and answers (2008)
Gender matters - A manual on addressing gender-based violence affecting young people -2007 (Not in French)
Parenting in contemporary Europe - a positive approach (2007)
Views on positive parenting and non-violent upbringing (2007)
Family calendar - introduction to children's rights (2007)
Exploring children's rights – 9 short projects for primary level (2007)
Rights of children at risk and in care (2006)
Human Rights - Disability - Children: Conference proceedings (2006)
7 good reasons" to build a Europe for and with children, information  booklet on the programme (revised April 2010)
The Internet literacy handbook (2006) - available in Russian
Violence reduction in schools (2005) - available in Russian
Eliminating corporal punishment: a human rights imperative (2005)
Protecting children against corporal punishment (2004)
A partnership approach to crime prevention (2004)
Youth and exclusion in disadvantaged urban areas (2004)
Young people and violence prevention - youth policy recommendations (2004)
Child sexual abuse in Europe (2003)
Violence against women and children - VIP Guide (2003) (Not in French)
Violence in schools - a challenge for the local community (2003) (out of print, but a pdf may be ordered ) - (Not in French)
Compass - a manual on human rights education with young people (2002) See  the Compass website