Terms of reference

TC-ET (Thematic Co-ordinator on Equality and Trafficking)

The TC-ET was created in 1999 as [thematic co-ordinator] on Equality between Women and Men in replacement of the Rapporteur Group on Equality between Women and Men. In 2002, the remit was enlarged to cover action on trafficking in human beings (CM/Del/Dec(2002)812/4.1).

It was renamed Thematic Co-ordinator on Equality and Trafficking (TC-ET) in July 2009 to better reflect the actual subject matters covered (CM/Del/Dec(2009)1063/1.4).

The TC-ET participates in the co-ordination group between the Council of Europe and the OSCE as Council of Europe focal point on the fight against trafficking in human beings.1

1. Cf. Decision No. CM/865/01122004, GR-OSCE(2005)4 and GR-OSCE(2005)CB3.