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GT-CNS (open-ended Ad hoc Working Party of the Committee of Ministers on the Future of the European Centre for Global Interdependence and Solidarity (North-South Centre))

The Deputies set up this ad hoc open-ended working party in November 20121 to reflect on the future of the North-South Centre and to consider the question of the required minimum number of participants of the Enlarged Partial Agreement in the light of Resolution Res(96)36 establishing the criteria for Partial and Enlarged Agreements of the Council of Europe, as amended by Resolution CM/Res(2010)2.

The Working Party is open to the member States of the North-South Centre, to all member States of the Council of Europe, to the European Union and to observer States, as well as to the North-South Centre quadrilogue partners (Parliamentary Assembly, European Parliament, Congress of Local and Regional Authorities of the Council of Europe, EU Committee of Regions, INGO Conference).

The Deputies agreed that the Working Party should make proposals on the above matters before 31 May 2013 and that the mandate of the Working Party would expire once they had finished their examination of these proposals.

The Deputies endorsed the report of the GT-CNS on the future of the North-South Centre at their 1171st meeting on 29 May 2013. Consequently, the group has completed its work.


1 CM/Del/Dec(2012)1156/1.5