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Hearing: “Access to Justice for Women Victims of Violence”

Paris, 9 December 2013
Ministry of Social Affairs and Health

Speeches and Presentations 

Mr Nazir Afzal, Chief Crown Prosecutor, United Kingdom Speech
Ms Aurela Anastas, Executive Director of the Centre for Legal Civic Initiatives, Albania   Speech
Ms Alexis Bowater, United Kingdom    Speech
Ms Katie Dawson, Lawyer, Ireland    Speech
Ms Hilary Fisher, Director of Policy, Voice and Membership, Women’s Aid Federation, England   Speech
Ms Sabine Fourcade, Interministerial delegate for women’s rights and gender equality, Director General of Social Cohesion, France     Speech
Mr Julio García Jiménez, Government-delegation for Gender-based Violence, Spain  Presentation
Ms Rosa Logar, Domestic Abuse Intervention Centre, Vienna    Speech
Ms Elisabeth Moiron-Braud, Secretary General of the Inter-ministerial mission for the protection of women victims of violence, France   Speech
Ms Sylvie Moisson, Prosecutor, France    Speech
Ms Marceline Naudi, University of Malta, former member of CAHVIO     Presentation 
Ms Kevät Nousiainen, Turku University, Finland   Speech
Ms Ursula Plassnik, Ambassador of Austria in Paris, representing the Chairmanship of the Committee of Ministers of the Council of Europe    Speech
Ms Céline Roche, La Cimade, France   Speech
Ms Carlien Scheele, President of the Gender Equality Commission Speech
Ms Helena Štimac Radin, Head of the Office for Gender Equality, Croatia Speech
Ms Ramona Toma, Lawyer at the European Court of Human Rights  Speech
Mme Nathalie Tournyol du Clos, cheffe du service des Droits des femmes au Ministère des Droits des femmes Presentation
Ms Gauri van Gulik, Human Rights Watch     Presentation
Witness statement (France)   Speech
Witness statement (Russian Federation)   Speech