The Council of Europe protects and promotes the human rights of everyone, including children. Based on the United Nations Convention on the Rights of the Child, the European Convention on Human Rights and other legal standards, the Council of Europe promotes and protects the rights of 150 million children in Europe.

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End Child Sex Abuse Day: 18 November

On 18 November 2015 the Council of Europe will celebrate the first edition of the Council of Europe Day to Protect Children from Sexual Exploitation and Sexual Abuse. This Day will add on to the work of the Council of Europe and its member states under the ONE in FIVE Campaign to stop sexual violence against children, which will end in November 2015, and it will help maintain in the long run, the momentum the Campaign has created. Ministries, parliamentarians, NGOs, public and private partners, professionals working with children and the public at large will take ownership for marking the Day.

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