Lyon, 23-25 November 2016


1. Opening of the meeting, adoption of the agenda and up-date on ratifications of the Lanzarote Convention
Order of Business

2. Monitoring of the implementation of the Lanzarote Convention

2.1 1st monitoring round/1st implementation report “Protection of children against sexual abuse in the circle of trust – The Framework”: exchange of views based on Parties’ follow-up table to the Lanzarote Committee’s recommendations

2.2 1st monitoring round/2nd implementation report “Protection of children against sexual abuse in the circle of trust – The Strategies”: assessment of additional information submitted in reply to Question 7 (Preventive and intervention programmes) of the Thematic Questionnaire based on the Rapporteurs’ observations

2.3 2nd monitoring round “The dangerous effects of the child’s interaction through Information and Communication Technology (ICT)”: based on suggestions by the Working Group on Trends in Child Sexual Exploitation and Abuse, decision on the issues to be included in the questionnaire that will launch the monitoring

2.4 Working Group on Trends in Child Sexual Abuse and Exploitation: decision on initiatives to be undertaken based on the final suggestions put forward by the Group

2.5 Urgent monitoring “Protecting children affected by the refugee crisis from sexual abuse and exploitation”: adoption of a report on the situation based on the analysis of the information received in reply to the focused questionnaire

3. Exchange of information, experiences and good practices

3.1 Fighting online child sexual abuse and exploitation: presentation of the WePROTECT Global Alliance, Mr HARRISON (Head of the Online Child Sexual Exploitation Team)

3.2 Exchange of views with Mr LE COZ, Chairperson of the Group of Experts on Action against Trafficking in Human Beings (GRETA)

3.3 Presentation of relevant initiatives of the Parliamentary Assembly and Congress of Regional and Local Authorities of the Council of Europe

3.4 Participation of the Lanzarote Committee in outside events

3.5 Presentation of relevant activities by national authorities, international governmental and non-governmental organisations, experts, as well as services of the Council of Europe

3.5.1 1st meeting of the Ad hoc Committee for the Rights of the Child (CAHENF), 28-29 September 2016, Strasbourg

3.5.2 Conference on Children's Rights in the Migration Crisis and in the Digital Environment, 3-4 November 2016, Tallinn

3.5.3 Group of Experts on Action against Violence against Women and Domestic Violence (GREVIO): thematic discussion on the age of consent in the context of sexual violence offences against children, 7 November 2016, Strasbourg

3.5.4 Wilton Park Conference: Protecting children from violence: next steps for effective strategies, 9-11 November 2016, London

3.5.5 2nd Edition of the European Day on the Protection of Children against Sexual exploitation and Sexual abuse of children, 18 November 2016

3.5.6 Debriefing of the INTERPOL capacity building study visit held on 22 November 2016

4. Procedural matters

4.1 Possible new observers in the meetings of the Lanzarote Committee

- “Hope for Children” UNCRC Policy Center

- Independent Inquiry into Child Sexual Abuse (IICSA)

4.2 Adoption of the list of decisions of the 16th meeting 

5. Dates of the next meetings

- 17th meeting: 1-3 March 2017, Strasbourg

- 18th meeting: 10-12 May 2017, Strasbourg

- 19th meeting: 25-27 October 2017, Lanzarote (venue to be confirmed)


List of decisions
Report of the 16th meeting