At their 1252nd meeting, the Ministers’ Deputies welcomed the report of the CDDH on the longer-term future of the system of the European Convention on Human Rights, took note of the Court’s comments on the report, and agreed on its follow-up.

The Deputies notably “instructed the CDDH to carry out a detailed analysis of all questions relating to the place of the Convention in the European and international legal order and on the medium-term and longer-term prospects, in the light of the relevant paragraphs of the report (conclusion § 203 iii).”

The preparatory work was entrusted to the Drafting Group II on the follow-up to the CDDH report on the longer-term future of the system of the Convention (DH-SYSC-II). It will meet in 2017.

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  Chair of the CDDH
(Morten RUUD, Norway)


Chair of the DH-SYSC
Hans-Jörg BEHRENS, Germany)