Avrupa Konseyi’nin 2023 yılı toplam bütçesi €479M olup esas olarak üye ülkelerce finanse edilmektedir.

 How is the Programme and Budget financed?

The Programme and Budget is financed through member States’ obligatory contributions, voluntary contributions, European Union contributions to the Joint Programmes and other receipts.

* Extrabudgetary resources, including European Union contributions to the Joint Programmes (JP) and voluntary contributions (VC) are a significant element of the Organisation’s resources. For 2024, €81.3 M are secured (situation as of 30 November 2023).


 What is the money used for?

The money is used to implement the Programme, which is structured around 7 operational programmes, 4 institutions, 2 governing bodies and 2 support programmes.

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How is the Programme and Budget adopted?

The Programme and Budget is proposed by the Secretary General and approved by the Committee of Ministers. The Programme is approved for four years and the Budget for two years (with a second year budget on a provisional basis). It is made up of the General Budget, to which all member States contribute, and other budgets.