One in Five

Publication "Protecting children from sexual violence -
A comprehensive approach"

First part: The reality of child sexual violence in Europe and existing legal frameworks

1. Overview of the nature and extent of child sexual abuse in Europe

Kevin Lalor and Rosaleen Mc Elvaney

2. The United Nations legislative framework for the protection of children from sexual violence, including sexual abuse and exploitation
Marta Santos País

3. Sexual violence against children – the European legislative framework and outline of Council of Europe conventions and European Union policy
Eric Ruelle

Second part: Sexual violence against children – prevention and reporting
4. Children’s participation in policy and practice to prevent child sexual abuse – developing empowering interventions

Jenny Pearce

5. Towards a child-friendly justice and support for child victims of sexual abuse
Bragi Guðbrandsson

6. Communication and awareness raising campaigns to eliminate sexual violence in Council of Europe member states
Elda Moreno

7. Sexual abuse of children with disabilities
Hilary Brown

8. Preventing sexual violence against children – Policies and standards for child care in Europe
Idália Moniz

9. Child helplines as awareness raising, referral and reporting mechanisms on sexual violence against children
Marieke Noz

10. Training professionals – an essential strategy for eradicating child sexual abuse
Pepa Horno Goicoechea

11. The responsibility and co-ordination of professionals in tackling child sexual abuse
Gordana Buljan Flander - Bruna Profaca

12. Teaching children to protect themselves from sexual abuse
Gordana Hitrec

13. Sexuality education and the prevention of sexual violence
Peter Gordon

14. Gathering data on sexual violence against children
Cinzia Grassi, Loredana Ceccacci and Anna Elisa D'Agostino

15. Preventing sexual violence against children through citizenship and human rights education
Roy Chourdaki

Third part: Rehabilitation and social reintegration of victims, including child perpetrators

16. Recovery services for child victims of sexual violence and their families – what can be offered?
Claire Cody

17. Child and adolescent sexual abusers – For a rehabilitative approach driven by scientific evidence
Phillippe Jaffé

18. Children and young people exhibiting sexually harmful behaviour –what have we learned and what do need to know to propose effective intervention?
Vernon Jones

Fourth part: Sexual violence on the Internet

19. The Internet dimension of sexual violence against children
John Carr

20. Awareness raising to combat online sexual violence
Janice Richardson

Fifth part: Public and private partnerships to eliminate sexual violence against children

21. Engaging the travel and tourism sector to protect children from sexual exploitation
Giorgio Berardi

22. Stop sex trafficking of children and young people – a unique ECPAT and Body Shop campaign
Patchareeboon Sakulpitakphon