Retour HISTOLAB - Call for Projects for the 2024 European Innovation Days

HISTOLAB is seeking to spotlight original and innovative projects in learning history from teachers, students, practitioners, researchers, museum experts, as well as early career researchers and professionals for the next European Innovations Days in History education (3-5 April 2024).
HISTOLAB - Call for Projects for the 2024 European Innovation Days

HISTOLAB is a joint project between the European Union and the Council of Europe that focuses on the potential for evolution in history education, and shines a light on innovative initiatives in research, academia, and teaching practices.

By connecting past and present, it can inspire learners to build a peaceful world. But for history education to fulfil this potential, it needs to be approached using innovative methods, based on multiperspectivity, dialogue and critical reasoning.

Contrary to the widely shared belief that the knowledge presented in the history classrooms, through textbooks, is finite, knowable, and manageable; history is in fact complex and contentious. To reflect this inherent complexity in their teaching, history educators must focus on new tools and innovative teaching practices to keep students active and interested in their learning process.  They need to show that history is ever-present in our day-to-day life and is an important key to understanding social, cultural, and political affairs; our legal systems; arts; technological advancement; and also, the causes and consequences of environmental devastation and climate change.

Innovative ways of teaching history rooted in the principle of multiperspectivity can bring together stories and communities and empower us to examine our shared past. It is evident that the need for innovation in history teaching reaches beyond academia and connects directly with teachers and students.

HISTOLAB is organising the second edition of the European Innovation Days in History Education and launches a call for ideas and projects to bring together teachers and other practitioners such as: academics; researchers; junior professionals; as well as students all in the field of history education.

If your idea or project is chosen for the event, you will be invited to participate in the Innovation Days that are set to take place in the Palais de l’Europe on 3-5 April 2024, in Strasbourg, France.

Your ideas and projects should be in line with the values promoted by the Council of Europe and can, but not only, be inspired by the following questions:

  • How can history education amplify underrepresented or marginalised stories?
  • How can local history be connected to wider historical events on a European or global level?
  • How can new technology and digitalisation be used in history education?
  • How can museums and places of remembrance enrich the learning of history?

And could pertain to one or more of these areas:

  • Innovation in teaching practices
  • Increased and creative use of technology in history teaching
  • New thematic focuses in the history curriculum
  • Bridging the gap between the state of play in academic research on history education and how history is taught in classrooms
  • Innovation in teacher training courses

The HISTOLAB project is implemented in all 46 Council of Europe member states but applications from other countries are also welcome.

The deadline for submission of the application form is 15 December 2023 via the dedicated webpage.

Address any questions you might have to [email protected]

For more information on who can submit their ideas and projects, as well as the format to do so, please consult the document below:

 Call for Projects

Call for Projects 19 Septembre 2023
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