The Council of Europe project “Supporting Freedom of Media and Internet in Georgia” is built upon achievements of two previous EU-CoE projects in Georgia “Promoting Freedom, Professionalism and Pluralism of the Media” and “Protecting Internet Freedom through Legislation and Arrangements for multi-stakeholder Dialogue” under the Partnership for Good Governance (EU-CoE) that where implemented during 2015-2017. Those two projects’ achievements included strengthening the capacities of the broadcasting regulatory authority (National Communications Commission), journalistic self-regulatory body (Charter of Journalistic Ethics), addressing challenges linked to freedom of expression on-line, establishment of multi-stakeholder dialogue with regard to the Internet and promotion of the CoE standards on the internet and human rights.

Project Objectives Project Objectives
  • Supporting national authorities in bringing legal and policy framework and practice on audio-visual services and media literacy in line with the CoE and European standards;
  • Further improvement of professionalism, responsibility and respect of ethical rules among journalists;
  • Supporting national authorities in further development and proper implementation of Internet related legal framework and regulations;
  • Strengthening the protection of human rights and fundamental freedoms through the reinforcement of the protection of individuals with regard to their right to privacy and right to data protection.  
Project activities Project activities
  • Expert assessments, opinions and recommendations on the multisectorial cooperation, legal and policy framework governing the media and internet, as well as countryspecific studies and publications;
  • Workshops, training sessions, conferences and study visits;
  • Development of the GNCC webpage on Media Literacy;
  • Development of the handbook on Ethical Journalism
Project Partners and Beneficiaries Project Partners and Beneficiaries

Georgian National Communications Commission;

Georgian Charter of Journalistic Ethics;

Ministry of Economy and Sustainable Development of Georgia;

State Inspector's Service of Georgia;

Small and Medium Telecom Operator’s Association of Georgia;  

Civil Society;

Academia: Faculties of Journalism of Universities.

Length of the Project Length of the Project

The project runs from 1 February 2019 until 31 January 2021

Contacts Contacts

Tamar Kobakhidze - Project Officer

Victoria Koplatadze - Project Assistant