Back 2 November: International Day to End Impunity for Crimes against Journalists

2 November: International Day to End Impunity for Crimes against Journalists

Impunity is an increasingly worrying trend that has developed into a real culture of impunity for crimes against journalists, with serious consequences on journalistic work and people's access to information of public interest.

Combating impunity and the constantly developing tendancy of allowing perpetrators of crime against journalists to remain unpunished will be at the core of the Council of Europe Campaign for the Safety of Journalists launched on 5 October, in Riga.

By advocating for the implementation of robust legal frameworks and promoting international collaboration, the Campaign strives to hold perpetrators of violence or intimidation against journalists accountable for their actions.

Through heightened awareness and advocacy, it aims to create a safer environment for journalists to operate without fear, ensuring that acts of aggression against them do not go unnoticed or unpunished. 

The Campaign for the Safety of Journalists will actively work towards an environment where the pursuit of truth is protected, and where those who perpetrate crimes against journalists are brought to justice, thus dismantling the culture of impunity that shrouds their safety.

More on Council of Europe's standard setting arsenal to address journalists’ protection:

Watch the video of the Platform to promote the protection of journalism and safety of journalists :



Strasbourg, France 2 November 2023
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