Date of Signature :20 September 2012
Date of Ratification : 7 Octobre 2014
Date of entry into force : 1 February 2015    

First (baseline) evaluation

State report received on 1 September 2016, available in French

- Dialogue with state representatives, in Strasbourg on 8 November 2016
- Evaluation visit from 5 to 7 December 2016

1st evaluation Report by GREVIO

 Government Comments to the GREVIO report (in French only)

Committee of the Parties

 Recommendations by the Committee of the Parties

 Reporting form (in French only) submitted by the Monegasque authorities on the implementation of the recommendations of the Committee of the Parties

 Conclusions on the implementation of recommendations in respect of Monaco

Media Coverage

- News article by the Council of Europe


Prix Monte-Carlo Femme de l'Année