Date of Signature : 11 September 2012
Date of Ratification : 14 March 2016
Date of entry into force : 1 July 2016

First (baseline) evaluation

 State report received on 18 February 2019

 1st evaluation GREVIO report

 Comments of the Belgian Government

 Recommendations by the Committee of the Parties

- Additional information :
- Report from an NGO Coalition "Together against Violence" - in French only
- Report from CAW Brussels (Centrum voor Algemeen Welzijnswerk Brussel)
- GAMS_INTACT_End FGM EU - Shadow Report
- Contribution from "Medecins du monde" - in French only
- Contribution from the Belgian Disability Forum - in French olny


 The Istanbul Convention

 Infographics and brochure on the four pillars of the Istanbul Convention: prevention, protection, prosecution and co-ordinated policies.