The role of NGOs in the first (baseline) evaluation procedure



NGOs active in preventing and combating violence against women are key actors in the implementation of the Istanbul Convention which is why, under the Convention, state parties have a legal obligation to recognise, encourage and support their work and to establish effective co-operation with them (Article 9).

NGOs are also major partners in monitoring. The Group of Experts on action against violence against women and domestic violence (GREVIO), the independent expert monitoring body established by the Convention, recognises the important role which NGOs play in this field and made it clear in its Rules of Procedure (Rule 35) that NGOs and other members of civil society are vital sources of information and that all information received from NGOs will be treated as confidential by GREVIO (see below point 4. Confidentiality). NGOs are therefore strongly encouraged to give their input and share their concerns at any time.

When starting its first (baseline) evaluation of a particular country on the basis of its questionnaire, GREVIO will, whenever possible, invite NGOs working in that country to provide relevant information. GREVIO will also carry out visits to all countries party to the Convention in order to make a more thorough assessment of the situation on the ground. During these visits its delegations will hold meetings with NGO representatives. In addition, GREVIO may consider using further means of evaluation, such as organising hearings for NGOs.

Document IC/Inf(2016)4

Further advice may be sought from international women’s organisations and networks such as

-           Women against Violence Europe (WAVE) and

-           the European Women’s Lobby Observatory on Violence against Women.

The Conference of INGOs of the Council of Europe and the Strasbourg-based NGO Access may also be consulted.


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