Remembering the homosexual victims of the Second World War

27/03/2015 Paris (France)

"We will not forget the suffering of the past. We will work every day to make sure it doesn’t repeat itself in the future", said Gabriella Battaini-Dragoni, Deputy Secretary of the Council of Europe at the opening of a seminar in Paris on 27 March 2015 on Gay and Lesbian lives in Europe during...

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Colloquy "Bulgaria and Jews during the Holocaust"

27-28/05/2014 Sofia (Bulgaria)

Workshops for Bulgarian French-speaking teachers of the secondary schools were held during two days. Teachers were led to reflect and discuss on several sources to be used in the classroom such as historical research, culture (litterature, movie...), heritage, media and testimonies in order to...

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Commemoration of the Tutsi genocide: "Remembrance, Rebuilding, and Life 20 years on!"

27/04/2014 Strasbourg (France)

On the occasion of the 20th annual commemoration of the Tutsi genocide in Rwanda, the association Amariza d’Alsace held an all-day conference at the European Youth Centre on 27th April 2014. The event "Remembrance, Rebuilding, and Life 20 years on!" took place within the framework of the Council...

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Women’s role in the Resistance

26/01/2014 Strasbourg (France)

A personal account by Isabelle Anthonioz Gaggini, Geneviève Anthonioz de Gaulle's daughter, before the performance of the play La Traversée de la Nuit, written by Geneviève Anthonioz de Gaulle and presented by the Hathaway company, an exhibition of portraits of women involved in the Resistance...

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Colloquy "Music in concentration camps"

7-8/11/2013 Strasbourg (France)

An international colloquy on "Music in concentration camps" and a concert in memory of the musicians who died during the Holocaust took place on 7 and 8 November 2013, in the Council of Europe premises in Strasbourg. Organised in close co-operation with the Strasbourg based Forum Voix Etouffées,...

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