No. 211/2022 Syndicat des Agrégés de l’Enseignement Supérieur (SAGES) v. France

The complaint was registered on 2 May 2022. It concerns Articles 22 (the right to take part in the determination and improvement of the working conditions and working environment), 10 (the right to vocational training) and E (non-discrimination) of the revised European Social Charter. SAGES alleges that French regulations deprive certain associate or contractual higher education teaching staff of representation within the National Council for Higher Education and Research (CNESER), ruling on appeals and in final instance on disciplinary decisions, and allow this staff to be excluded from the jurisdiction of this collegiate body in violation of the above-mentioned provisions of the Charter.

 Case-document No. 1, Complaint registered on 2 May 2022 

 Case document No. 2, Observations by the Government on admissibility (French only)

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