No. 199/2021 European Organisation of Military Associations and Trade Unions (EUROMIL) v. Portugal

The complaint was registered on 12 May 2021. It relates to Articles 5 (the right to organise) and 6 (the right to bargain collectively) of the revised European Social Charter. EUROMIL alleges that Portuguese professional military associations do not have trade union rights and are therefore banned from collectively representing their members and making binding agreements in violation of Articles 5 and 6 of the Charter.

 Case-document No. 1, Complaint registered on 12 May 2021

 Case-document No. 2, Observations by the Government on admissibility

 Case-document No. 3, Response from EUROMIL to the Government's observations on admissibility

 Case-document No. 4, Submissions by the Government on the merits

 Case-document No. 5, Response from EUROMIL to the Government's submissions on the merits

 Case-document No. 6, Reply from the Government to EUROMIL's response

The European Committee of Social Rights declared the complaint admissible on 25 January 2022.

 Decision on admissibility of the Complaint No. 199/2021 

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