Cooperation with National Youth Council from Moldova in electoral field started

Online 14 September 2020
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Cooperation with National Youth Council from Moldova in electoral field started

The second webinar with participation of representatives of the National Youth Council from Moldova (NYCM), Centre for Continuous Electoral Training (Training Centre), a consultant and a representative of the Council of Europe took part online on 14 September 2020. The first webinar was held on 7 September.

Hot topic debated is how the NYCM can contribute to encourage the youth, including first-time voters, to participate more actively in electoral life of the country. The topic is current especially in the context of upcoming elections for the office of the President of the Republic of Moldova this autumn.

Participants exchanged views on several videos and other election-related materials prepared by the Training Centre benefiting from the Council of Europe expertise. Representatives of the NYCM came up with some out of the box ideas namely, to take selfie and put it on the networks or social media used by the young people explaining why he/she is going to vote.

Other ways of appealing to the young people suggested by the NYCM are announcing bids for the best electoral slogan against a symbolic prize, organizing on the NYCM and the Training Centre joint platform the youth-related debates with presidential candidates., The NYCM branches in districts and joint trainings with the Training Centre and the Central Electoral Commission will ensure greater participation and visibility

Participants at the webinar mentioned the importance of bringing up the electoral culture with young voters, especially with those who leave at remote places or are used to keeping a low profile concerning public life as first steps in civil electoral education of the future voters.

The representatives of the NYCM also welcomed the Council of Europe toolkit on Awareness Raising with Young Voters, developed by the Elections and Civil Society Division of the Council of Europe in cooperation with People Dialog for Change Company and being available for them in the state language of the Republic of Moldova. The NYCM expressed their willingness to participate in piloting of the toolkit furthering cooperation with the Council of Europe in electoral field for the nearest future as well.

The activity is implemented by the Council of Europe within the on-going project “Improving electoral practice in the Republic of Moldova”.