To promote democracy and human rights in and through education and equip young people with the competences to live in a multicultural society through a comprehensive set of initiatives at the policy and grassroot levels.

Education policy makers as well as school principals, teachers, students and school staff from selected pilot primary and secondary schools and local communities will benefit from the project.

Expected results/outcomes
  • The implementation of provisions related to inclusive and multicultural education of the National Education Strategy by education policy makers, institutions and professionals is strengthened.
  • 25 pilot schools will be invited to engage with local communities and civil society organisations to ensure an inclusive and enabling learning environment for all learners.
  • Teachers will be given the tools to develop new professional competences, practices and attitudes that better contribute to the development of competences for democratic culture in learners.
  • A Mapping Report and policy recommendation on the implementation of the national Education Strategy with a focus on the strategic goal on democratic culture, human rights and inclusive and multicultural education
  • Capacity building: training, mentoring and peer exchanges will be organised for teachers on democratic citizenship education, competences for democratic culture and the whole school approach
  • The creation of a national Democratic and Inclusive School Network for sharing and promoting best practices 
  • School projects: schools will partner with civil society organisations and other community stakeholders to implement the democratic school governance model
  • A regional study visit and student peer exchanges: best practices in creating democratic and inclusive school governance and environments will be shared through a study visit for school teams and two summer academies for schoolgirls and schoolboys 
  • Awareness-raising: numerous conferences, roundtables and awareness-raising events to present project results and raise awareness on inclusive and democratic education will be held
Project information

This Project is implemented by the Council of Europe and funded by Germany. It is implemented in co-operation with the Ministry of Education and Science of the Republic of North Macedonia from December 2022 to November 2025.