In a world rapidly transformed by technology, education remains at the heart of progress, and the Council of Europe is committed to fostering a nuanced and inclusive understanding of the multifaceted relationship between Artificial Intelligence (AI) and education, guided by the principles of human rights, democracy, and inclusivity that define the Council of Europe's mission.

The Council of Europe believes that education should be accessible, inclusive, and equitable for all.
AI systems have the potential to play a transformative role in achieving these goals. Through personalized learning pathways, real-time feedback mechanisms, and innovative teaching methodologies, AI can cater to diverse learning needs and ensure that no one is left behind.

At the same time the Council of Europe recognises the importance of addressing questions related to data privacy, algorithmic transparency, and bias mitigation in the context of AI in education and aims to ensure that the adoption of AI systems aligns with human rights values and respects the dignity of every learner.


Highlights of Our Work

Ethical AI Implementation

Discover the Council of Europe's principles and guidelines that promote the ethical and responsible integration of AI technologies in education. We emphasise the importance of transparency, accountability, and the protection of fundamental rights.

Inclusive AI Education

Discover our initiatives aimed at promoting the responsible and ethical use of AI in diverse educational contexts, fostering an inclusive approach that respects cultural, linguistic, and social diversity.

Policy Guidelines

Explore our resources that offer guidance to policymakers, educators, and institutions on how to navigate the complexities of AI integration in education while upholding fundamental rights and values.

Digital Literacy

Learn about our efforts to equip learners with the digital skills necessary to critically engage with AI technologies, ensuring they become empowered and responsible digital citizens.

Public Discourse

Join the ongoing discussions, webinars, and events that facilitate open dialogue about the potential benefits and risks of AI systems in education, inviting diverse perspectives to shape the conversation.


Join the Dialogue

The Council of Europe's commitment to promoting democracy, human rights, and the rule of law extends into the realm of AI in education. We invite educators, policymakers, students, and all stakeholders to actively engage in this dialogue. Together, we can foster an informed understanding of AI's implications in education and work towards a future where technology serves as an enabler of educational excellence and social progress.

In 2019, the Council of Europe’s Committee of Ministers adopted a recommendation on developing and promoting digital citizenship education, in which a key focus was the application of artificial intelligence (AI) in educational contexts:

AI, like any other tool, offers many opportunities but also carries with it many threats, which make it necessary to take human rights principles into account in the early design of its application. Educators must be aware of the strengths and weaknesses of AI in learning, so as to be empowered – not overpowered – by technology in their digital citizenship education practices. AI, via machine learning and deep learning, can enrich education … By the same token, developments in the AI field can deeply impact interactions between educators and learners and among citizens at large, which may undermine the very core of education, that is, the fostering of free will and independent and critical thinking via learning opportunities … Although it seems premature to make wider use of AI in learning environments, professionals in education and school staff should be made aware of AI and the ethical challenges it poses in the context of schools.


Working Conference on AI And Education

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