Back Third Steering Committee meeting of the “Quality Education for All” – North Macedonia project held in Skopje

Third Steering Committee meeting of the “Quality Education for All” – North Macedonia project held in Skopje

The third Steering Committee Meeting for the “Quality Education for All” project in North Macedonia was held on 08 April 2024 and meeting marked a significant milestone in our ongoing efforts to enhance the education system and promote inclusivity throughout the country.

During the meeting, key stakeholders from relevant institutions engaged in fruitful discussions. They provided valuable feedback on the project's progress, particularly focusing on the final draft of the Mapping report on the implementation of the Education Strategy 2018 – 2025. This report, which serves as a roadmap for inclusive and multicultural education, has been a collaborative effort involving various stakeholders, and its completion signifies a major step forward.

One of the main benefits highlighted during the meeting was the increased collaboration among stakeholders. Through extensive consultations, workshops, and presentations, the project has fostered a stronger sense of partnership and shared commitment to quality education for all. The engagement of Civil Society Organizations, the Steering Committee, Pilot Schools, and Local Governments has been instrumental in shaping the project's direction and outcomes.

A thematic workshop held on 16 January 2024, focusing on addressing segregation and discrimination, was particularly impactful. This workshop brought together experts and practitioners to discuss government responses, measures to overcome Roma segregation, and implementing the ECHR Judgment at the community level. The insights and recommendations from this workshop have informed our approach moving forward.

The project's training workshops started in 25 pilot schools were also highlighted. These workshops, which focused on integrating democratic values into curriculum and practice, have started to equip educators with the tools and knowledge to create inclusive learning environments. Training and mentorship visits to these schools will continue, building on the momentum generated by the training sessions.

Looking ahead, the project is set to embark on Module 2, an online session with the pilot schools, scheduled to commence in April and May. Subsequent modules, including on-site sessions and online workshops, are planned for the coming months. These activities aim to further enhance the capacity of educators and promote inclusive practices in schools across North Macedonia.

The collaborative spirit and shared vision demonstrated during the Third Steering Committee Meeting underscore the progress made and the promising future ahead for education in North Macedonia.

The Council of Europe, in collaboration with national and local government partners, as well as institutions represented in the steering committee, underscores its unwavering commitment to providing inclusive, high-quality education for all individuals in North Macedonia. The “Quality Education for All - North Macedonia” project, implemented by the Council of Europe and funded by Germany, is scheduled to run from December 2022 to November 2025. This collaborative initiative not only demonstrates the Council of Europe's dedication to advancing democratic standards in education but also emphasizes its mission to foster inclusivity and equal opportunities throughout the nation.

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Skopje, North Macedonia 8 April 2024
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