Initiatives, policies and strategies


This section documents initiatives, policies and strategies both at domestic and also international levels.

The inventory offers the possibility to search by the type of cyberviolence, measures to address it, as well as the geographical scope.


Slovakia: Criminal Code provisions applied to cyberviolence

Slovakia has no specific provisions on “cyberviolence” but applies a wide range of provisions of the Criminal Code such as Stalking (Section 360a of CC), Extortion (Section 189 of CC), Duress (Section 192 of CC), Sexual Exploitation (Section 201, Section 201a, Section 201b of CC), Defamation (Section 373 of CC), Harm Done to Rights of Another (Section 375, 376 of CC), Manufacturing of child pornography (Section 368 of CC), Dissemination of child pornography (Section 369 of CC), Possession of child pornography and Participation in Child Pornographic Performance, Corrupting Morals (Sections 371, 372 of CC), Corrupting Morals of Youth (Section 211 of CC), Establishment, Support and Promotion of Movements Directed at the Suppression of Fundamental Rights and Freedoms (Section 421 of CC), Expression of Sympathy for Movements Directed at the Suppression of Fundamental Rights and Freedoms (Section 422 of CC), Production, Distribution, Possession of Extremist Materials (Sections 422a, 42 2b, 422c of CC), Denial and Approval of the Holocaust, the Crimes of Political Regimes and Crimes against Humanity (Section 422d of CC), Defamation of Nation, Race and Conviction (Section 423 of CC), or Incitement to National, Racial and Ethnic Hatred (Section 424 of CC).

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