Certified "Cultural Route of the Council of Europe" in 2004

The Jewish people are an integral part of European civilisation, having made a unique and lasting contribution to its development through the millennia right up to today. The Cultural Routes programme is an innovative and exciting way of bringing this remarkable story to the attention of a wider audience.


The European Jewish heritage is  widely  present across Europe. Notable examples include archaeological  sites, historic synagogues and cemeteries, ritualbaths, Jewish quarters, monuments and memorials. In addition, several archives and libraries, as well as specialised museums devoted to the study of Jewish life, are included in the route. This routes foster understanding and appreciation of religious and daily artefacts and also recognition of the essential role played by the Jewish people In European History.


Travelling today

The routes vary in scale from neighbourhood to city, region to country and even assume a trans-national dimension. Through these routes covering virtually the whole of the European continent, the traveller can become immersed in the Jewish story, across borders and centuries. They also provide extensive information and materials and regularly organise events such as The European Day of Jewish Culture.

Council of Europe values

Much of Jewish history is rooted in Europe, with a past made up of migration persecutions and precariousness, but also of exchanges, humanism and a profusion of mutual enrichment. A key aspect of the routes is accordingly their recognition of the essential contribution made by the Jewish tradition in building cultural diversity through intense intercultural dialogue.


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