Evaluation of candidate networks applying for the "Cultural Route of the Council of Europe" certification

Each year, networks wishing to apply for the "Cultural Route of the Council of Europe" certification can do so by requiring an application to the EPA Secretariat. 


Conditions for obtaining the “Cultural Route of the Council of Europe” certification

Some criteria must be met by postulants in order to be considered as candidates for the "Cultural Route of the Council of Europe" certification awarded by the Governing Board of the EPA:

  • Defining a theme representative of European values and common to at least 3 countries of Europe;
  • Identifying heritage elements shaped by the geographical as well as cultural, historical and natural features of the different regions;
  • Creating a European network with legal status bringing together the sites and the stakeholders which are part of the Route;
  • Co-ordinating common actions to encourage different kinds of cultural co-operation, also the scientific level stimulating social debate on its theme, propose to European citizens an interpretation of their common history and shared heritage and provoke a series of coherent activities for young Europeans coming from different cultures and backgrounds and finally encourage cultural tourism and sustainable cultural development;
  • Creating common visibility to allow the identification of the items part of the Route, ensuring recognisability and coherence across Europe.

In order to be eligible for certification, candidate networks must follow the criteria described in CM/Res(2013)67 revising the rules for the award of the Cultural Route of the Council of Europe certification

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