The European Institute of Cultural Routes (EICR) was set up in 1998 as part of a political agreement between the Council of Europe and the Grand-Duchy of Luxembourg (Ministry of Culture, Higher Education and Research) and is located in the Centre Culturel de Rencontre - Abbaye de Neumünster in Luxembourg. Upon the entry into force of the Council of Europe Enlarged Partial Agreement on Cultural Routes (the EPA) in 2010, an agreement establishing the seat of the EPA at the Institute was signed between the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the Grand-Duchy of Luxembourg and the Council of Europe.

The Institute carries out regular evaluations of the compliance of Cultural Routes of the Council of Europe with the criteria of the statutory Resolution (CM/RES(2013)67) on Cultural Routes adopted by the Committee of Ministers, gives advice to new applicants for certification and houses the extensive information and documentary resources of the Cultural Routes of the Council of Europe programme. It provides advice and assistance to routes networks and hosts visits by project managers, researchers and students.

The European Institute of Cultural Routes also implements European projects promoting greater awareness of the existing links between cultural heritage, tourism, regional development and the environment and coordinates a University Network.

Through its online resources and channels, the Institute gives visibility to and disseminates information on the over 30 Cultural Routes of the Council of Europe, present across the 50 signatory countries of the European Cultural Convention and beyond.

Institut Européen des Itinéraires Culturels
Abbaye de Neumünster
Bâtiment Robert Bruch
28, rue Münster, L-2160 Luxembourg
Grand Duchy of Luxembourg

Tel: +352 24 12 50