University Network for Cultural Routes Studies


The University Network for Cultural Routes Studies is a network of Universities interested in the study of Cultural Routes of the Council of Europe. The Network aims to encourage the conduct of research on Cultural Routes of the Council of Europe related issues, encourage students to undertake their academic research on Cultural Routes, jointly apply for European Grants with the EICR, participate in the annual programme of activities of the EICR and offer scientific advice where required.


The fields of expertise of the Universities which are members of the network are:

  • Heritage and patrimonialisation;
  • Management of cultural heritage;
  • Cultural Routes management;
  • Heritage interpretation;
  • Urban requalifications;
  • Tourism; cultural tourism; economy of tourism; geography of tourism; cultural tourism indicators; tourism imaginary;
  • Local communities engagement and responsibilities; local development through tourism
  • Common goods rights;
  • Sociology; ethnology.


Internship opportunities through the University Network for Cultural Routes Studies

The University Network for Cultural Routes Studies is also a platform of exchanges and mobility for students and researchers, ensuring a permanent interaction between the EICR, Universities and certified Cultural Routes. In the framework of the University Network for Cultural Routes Studies, the Institute created an internship programme for students of the member Universities, in close cooperation with Council of Europe cultural routes managers and Universities.

Students have the possibility to spend part of their intership at the EICR (Luxembourg) and at various locations which are part of the Council of Europe’s cultural routes, according to their fields of research and opportunities at the time of internship.



The following Universities and research centers are currently members of the University Network for Cultural Routes Studies:

Luxembourg University (Luxembourg),

IREST, University Paris 1 Sorbonne (France),

LABPACT, Barcelona University (Spain),

CAST, Bologna University (Italy),

Ironbridge Institute, Birmingham University (United Kingdom)

INTOUR, Bedfordshire (United Kingdom),

IPAC, University of Laval, Québec (Canada),

Haifa University (Israel).

Saint Petersbourg State University of Culture and Arts (Russian Federation)

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