Training on private sector compliance for the Middle East and North Africa region

27-30 November 2017 Strasbourg, France

The Council of Europe holds a training of trainers on private sector compliance and forensics for Jordanian, Moroccan, Palestinian and Tunisian representatives in the framework of the Joint CoE/EU South Neighborhood Anti-Corruption Project (SNAC II) and the PATHS training programme. The...

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Regional training on mutual legal assistance in corruption cases for Palestinian and Jordanian Officials

6-8 November 2017 Amman, Jordan

The Council of Europe holds a regional training for representatives of Palestinian and Jordanian prosecutors and law enforcement officials on mutual legal assistance in corruption and economic crime cases. The training focuses on enhancing effectiveness of MLA tools for information and property...

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Regional training on offshore money laundering for Jordanian and Palestinian officials

10-12 July 2017 Strasbourg, France

Jordanian and Palestinian officials from the anti-corruption bodies and financial intelligence units are trained on the trends for laundering the proceeds of crime through offshore jurisdictions. Particular attention is paid to the use of trusts and company service providers for purposes of...

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Regional training on administrative anti-corruption inquiries

17-20 May 2016 Strasbourg, France

A four-day regional training on risk-based administrative anti-corruption inquiries has been held in Strasbourg from 17 to 20 May 2016, at the Council of Europe’s headquarters. The training brought together practitioners from several inspection bodies, audit authorities and anti-corruption...

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Launch of a new project for Southern Mediterranean countries

10 April 2015 Strasbourg, France

Jordan, Morocco and Tunisia will be the main beneficiary countries of a new project to fight corruption and money laundering worth approximately €1,5 million Euro. The project will be launched on 10 April 2015 in Strasbourg as a part of a €7,37 million CoE/EU Joint Programme “Towards a...

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