The Ukraine Project is one of the six projects which constitute the second phase of the EU/CoE Partnership for Good Governance (PGG) programme interventions to support Eastern Partnership countries to counter economic crime.

Compared to previous phase (2015-2018) where technical assistance was provided to prevent and repress corruption in Ukraine, current project aims at strengthening institutional capacities and legislative frameworks by addressing issues raised by MONEYVAL, the Council of Europe monitoring body in the fight against money laundering and financing of terrorism. The project has been designed to contribute to the EU 2020 targets set out in priority area “Strengthening the rule of law and anti-corruption mechanisms,” and is aligned with the cooperation priorities identified in the EU-Ukraine Association Agreement and Association Agenda, and Council of Europe Action Plan for Ukraine 2018-2021.

The overall objective of the project is to strengthen legislative and institutional frameworks to counter money laundering and terrorism financing in Ukraine in accordance with Council of Europe and other international standards.

Project Documentation & Deliverables

Project Documentation & Deliverables



Project News

Supervisory capacities of the National Bank of Ukraine on AML/CFT strengthened

23 December 2021 Online

A training on supervisory techniques to assess the effectiveness of application by obliged entities of controls on anti-money laundering and counter-terrorist financing (AML/CTF) and their ability to detect and prevent financial crime marked the completion of a series of on-line training for...

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Effective investigation, prosecution and sanctioning of money laundering offences advanced in Ukraine

14 December 2021 Online

Jointly with the National School of Judges of Ukraine (NSJU), the Council of Europe organised an online expert discussion on the application of the recently updated criminal offence of money laundering. This activity builds on long-standing and fruitful cooperation with the NSJU that has been...

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Ukrainian non-banking financial institutions better equipped to prevent, detect and report money laundering and terrorist financing

11, 18, 25 November and 2, 9 December 2021 Online trainings

The Council of Europe, in cooperation with the National Bank of Ukraine, delivered a comprehensive training to non-banking financial institutions in better delivering on their anti-money laundering and counter-terrorist financing obligations. As the National Bank of Ukraine has under its...

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