This project represents one of the six projects which constitute the second phase of the EU/CoE Partnership for Good Governance (PGG) programme interventions to support Eastern Partnership countries to counter economic crime.

The project builds upon outcomes of actions implemented since 2015 to counter money laundering and terrorist financing, in addition the current project will have an added focus on combatting high-level corruption. The project has been designed to contribute to the EU 2020 targets set out in priority area “Strengthening the rule of law and anti-corruption mechanisms,” and is aligned with the cooperation priorities identified in the EU-Georgia Action Plan, EU-Georgia Association Agenda, and Council of Europe Action Plan for Georgia 2016-2019.

The overall objective of the project is to strengthen capacities of fight and prevent economic crime, in particular corruption, money laundering and terrorist financing in accordance with European and other international standards. The project aims to do so by supporting the Georgian authorities to prevent corruption with respect to high-ranking officials and judiciary, and countering money laundering and financing of terrorism.

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Supreme Court Judges of Georgia enhance their knowledge on economic crime adjudication

30 June 2021 Online workshop

The Council of Europe in cooperation with the Supreme Court of Georgia organised an online workshop on “Best practices of adjudication of money laundering and other economic crime cases”. The meeting was organised for the judges of the Chamber of Criminal Cases of the Supreme Court of Georgia,...

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Georgian currency exchange bureaus trained to detect and prevent money laundering and terrorism financing in their daily business

3-4 June 2021 Online training

The Council of Europe in cooperation with the Financial Monitoring Service of Georgia (FMS - Financial Intelligence Unit of Georgia) organised a two-day online training on “Anti-money laundering/countering financing of terrorism (AML/CFT) compliance for currency exchange bureaus”. The activity...

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Georgian authorities discuss how to identify and manage conflict of interests and assess corruption risks in the public sector

19-20 May 2021 Online workshop

The Council of Europe in cooperation with the Ministry of Justice of Georgia (MOJ) organised a two-day workshop on “Corruption Prevention in the Public Sector”. This activity came as well-timed assistance to the national authorities during the transitional period of the Anti-Corruption Council...

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