This project is one of the six projects which constitute the second phase of the EU/CoE Partnership for Good Governance (PGG) programme interventions to support Eastern Partnership countries to counter economic crime.

The project aims to provide tailored assistance responding to the country’s anti-corruption reforms agenda, while addressing issues raised by the Council of Europe monitoring bodies in the areas of corruption and money laundering. It has been designed to contribute to the EU 2020 targets set out in priority area “Strengthening the rule of law and anti-corruption mechanisms,” and is aligned with the cooperation priorities identified in the EU-Armenia Comprehensive and Enhanced Partnership Agreement, and Council of Europe Action Plan for Armenia 2019-2022.

The overall objective of the project is to increase efficiency of anti-corruption and asset recovery while preventing and combating corruption. The project aims to do so by supporting the Armenian authorities in strengthening legislative and institutional frameworks for anti-corruption and asset recovery, and developing capacities and tools to prevent and suppress economic crimes.

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Integrity Officers to support the application of Rules of Conduct by public servants in Armenia

21 - 23 February 2023 Yerevan, Armenia

Following the adoption of the Model Code of Conduct for Public Servants in Armenia in 2022, the Corruption Prevention Commission has moved on to actively promote its application by all public institutions of the country, with support from the Council of Europe. The steps undertaken for the...

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Improving financial investigations to better fight economic crime in Armenia

20-23 February 2023 Yerevan, Armenia

The Armenian authorities have set the fight against corruption and other economic crimes as a top national priority, and undertaken major legislative and institutional reforms in this direction. These include the establishment of a dedicated chain of Law enforcement and criminal justice...

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Armenian banks and payment institutions discuss risks related to virtual assets and how to address them

9-10 February 2023 Yerevan, Armenia

Representatives of the Central Bank of Armenia, including the Financial Monitoring Center of the Central Bank, and the private sector, in particular banks and payment institutions, participated in a workshop on “Money Laundering and Terrorism Financing Risks related to Virtual Assets and the...

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