The Violence reduction in schools training pack, developed by the Council of Europe programme "Building a Europe for and with children", is designed to support existing violence prevention schemes in Council of Europe member states. It trains facilitators in whole-school approaches to violence reduction and targets senior staff in schools and other child services.

To use the Pack , you will need all of the resources below, which you are free to downloaded. Please see p. 9 of the Training Pack for information on translation rights, how to obtain print copies of the pack and handbook and other important information. You may also write to for any further information on using the training pack.


1. Violence reduction in schools training pack

2. CD-Roms: "Silent witnesses" and "Behaviour for learning video from the "Behaviour4learning" website.

3. The accompanying handbook: Violence reduction in schools – how to make a difference:
English French - Russian

4. Power points:
Keynote, introduction

Workshops sessions: