Supreme Court of the Republic of Slovenia 

On the 25th of October, the Supreme Court of the Republic of Slovenia published the first part of the online animated series regarding court procedures. In these informative videos, the viewer is introduced to inheritance, family, civil enforcement, litigious and criminal procedures in court. The animations aim to offer the most basic information on these procedures to the general public. They are prepared according to the user-centric approach, in plain language and a friendly tone. To ensure the legal-technical accuracy, the scripts were prepared and confirmed with judges and other legal practitioners. The animations will direct users to seek additional information at the informative webpage  The series will consist of a total of 15 animated movies and will be published in its entirety in 2023. Additionally, these animations will be available to schools and other educational facilities as tools for teachers that will help in the debate on the importance of the judicial system in the lives of the pupils and students and to promote active citizenship.

The animated series can be viewed as separate videos on the youtube channel of the Supreme Court of the Republic of Slovenia (link) and will be included in the webpage, as well as in social media posts.


Chamber of Notaries of Slovenia

On the occasion of the European Day of Justice, the Chamber of Notaries of Slovenia is organising its open day on 25 October in the form of free telephone legal consultations.

This year's theme will be succession.
On Tuesday 25 October, notaries will be available in their offices to offer advice to clients on succession matters. At the same time, a videoconference consultation will also be available.