March 2023 – February 2026


Fostering mediation in Azerbaijan

The project is funded by the European Union and the Council of Europe and implemented by the Council of Europe in their Partnership for Good Governance III (2023-2027).


Context and objectives of the project

The project “Fostering mediation in Azerbaijan” seeks to improve recourse to mediation in Azerbaijan, based on the Law on Mediation adopted in 2019, via increasing the availability and the quality of mediation services, further strengthening the capacities of mediators, in particular through training, and by raising awareness on mediation amongst justice sector professionals and citizens. The project will rely on the Council of Europe instruments and standards, the CEPEJ tools on mediation, and the related European good practices. The action will support the implementation of key judicial reforms included in the “State Program for the Development of Azerbaijani Justice for 2019-2023” and the Decree of the President of the Republic of Azerbaijan of 3 April 2019 on “Deepening of reforms in the judicial-legal system” concerning alternative dispute settlement.  

Main activities

  • State of play of mediation and recommendations for a wider use and higher quality of mediation services;
  • Recommendations and support to develop a standard system to gather statistics based on CEPEJ Mediation Baseline Statistics;
  • Support on digitalisation of the mediation system;
  • Tailor-made capacity building measures for the Mediation Council and mediators;
  • Enhancing the competences of mediation trainers and training resources of the Academy of Justice on mediation, based on CEPEJ tools;
  • Increasing knowledge and awareness of various mediation stakeholders, including judges and lawyers, with a view to supporting the recourse to mediation and the dissemination of good practices;
  • Support to establishing a mediation pilot to facilitate the access to mediation services in regions;
  • Updating and supporting the implementation of the promotion and awareness plan on mediation in Azerbaijan.

Project beneficiaries and stakeholders

General public, judges, lawyers, civil society, Ministry of Justice, Academy of Justice, Mediation Council and mediators



Council of Europe - Strasbourg

Leonid Antohi
Project coordinator
+33 (0)3 90 21 49 65

Council of Europe office - Baku

Vafa Rovshanova
Project manager

Shabnam Mirzayeva
Project assistant 

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