24 months, 01 January 2021 - 31 December 2022
Euro 750,000
Key issues to be addressed
  • improvement of access to justice
  • prevention of the nonexecution of judgments of national courts
  • development of remedies concerning excessive length of judicial proceedings
  • building effective procedures related to interaction of the Cassation Court of Armenia with the ECtHR
Project partners

Ministry of Justice, Court of Cassation, Government Agent of Armenia before the ECtHR

Overall objective

Provision of accessible, full and effective justice, as understood by Article 6 of the European Convention on Human Rights, brings a better enjoyment of human rights to the Armenian public.

project components

Project component 1 – National mechanisms of execution of ECtHR judgments

Aim of the component: The Armenian national strategy for the implementation of general measures for execution of the ECtHR judgments is finalised and adopted by relevant Armenian bodies

Project component 2 – Excessive length of judicial proceedings

Aim of the component: Within the Armenian legislation the national remedies concerning the excessive length of judicial proceedings are developed along with other relevant general measures.

Project component 3 – Access to justice and judicial independence

Aim of the component: A set of recommendations to Armenia towards strengthening access to justice and judicial independence, taking into account the amended legislative and institutional setup of the judiciary and the respective ECtHR judgments, is provided, up to 50% of the recommendations are implemented.

Project component 4 – Implementation of Protocol 16 to the ECHR

Aim of the component: Armenia’s Court of Cassation is supported in building effective procedures related to interaction with the European Court of Human Rights, with a focus on the implementation of Protocol No 16 to the ECHR (as regards the requests for advisory opinions) and as to the re-opening of judicial proceeding following a judgment of the ECtHR.

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