The Committee of Ministers has entrusted the CCJE for 2020, having regard to Recommendation Rec(2010)12 on judges: independence, efficiency and responsibilities, with the preparation and adoption of an opinion for the attention of the Committee of Ministers on the role of judicial associations. The draft opinion will be submitted for adoption at the 21st plenary meeting of the CCJE, from 4 to 6 November 2020 in Strasbourg.

 Working party

The working group in charge of drafting the opinion hold its meeting by videoconference on 25 and 26 June 2020.The composition of the Working group is as follows:

Titular members

  • Nino BAKAKURI (Georgia)
  • Jasmina ĆOSİĆ DEDOVİĆ (Bosnia and Herzegovina)
  • Nils ENGSTAD (Norway)
  • Viktor GORODOVENKO (Ukraine)
  • Rubén Antonio JIMÉNEZ FERNÁNDEZ (Spain)
  • Canòlic MINGORANCE CAIRAT (Andorra),
  • Leonie REYNOLDS (Ireland)
  • Maiia ROUSSEVA (Bulgaria)
  • Marc DE WERD (Netherlands)

Substitute members

  • Nicoletta ALOJ (Italy)
  • Gianluca GRASSO (Italy)
  • Aida POPA (Romania)