The Committee of Ministers has entrusted the CCJE for 2022, having regard to Recommendation Rec(2010)12 on judges: independence, efficiency and responsibilities, with the preparation and adoption of an opinion for the attention of the Committee of Ministers on the freedom of expression of judges. The draft opinion will be submitted for adoption at the 23rd plenary meeting of the CCJE, from 30 November to 2 December 2022.


 Working group

The working group in charge of drafting the opinion will hold its 42nd and 43rd meetings of the Working Group on 16-18 February 2022 and 11-13 May 2022, respectively. The composition of the Working group is as follows:


  • Nino BAKAKURI (Georgia),
  • Nina BETETTO (Slovenia),
  • Wiggo Storhaug LARSSEN (Norway),
  • José Igreja MATOS (Portugal),
  • Canòlic MINGORANCE CAIRAT (Andorra),
  • František MOZNER (Slovakia),
  • Valeria PICCONE (Italy),
  • Valéry TURCEY (France),
  • Marc de WERD (The Netherlands)

Substitute members

  • Jasmina ĆOSİĆ DEDOVİĆ (Bosnia and Herzegovina),
  • Viktor GORODOVENKO (Ukraine),
  • Aida POPA (Romania)

Gender Equality Rapporteur

  • Mirjana POPOVIĆ (Montenegro)

  Questionnaire for the preparation of the CCJE Opinion No. 25 (2021) on the freedom of expression of judges


  Compilation of responses of the CCJE members to the questionnaire for the preparation of the Opinion No. 25