The Committee of Ministers has entrusted the CCJE for 2016, having regard to Recommendation Rec(2010)12 on judges: independence, efficiency and responsibilities, with the preparation and adoption, in 2016, of an opinion for the attention of the Committee of Ministers on the role of Court Presidents. The opinion has been adopted at the 17th plenary meeting of the CCJE, from 8 to 10 November 2016.

Working party

  •  Orlando AFONSO (Portugal),
  •  George BIRMINGHAM (Ireland),
  •  José Francisco COBO SAENZ (Spain),
  •  Viktor GORODOVENKO (Ukraine),
  •  Mats MELIN (Sweden),
  •  Aida-Rodica POPA (Romania),
  •  Gerhard REISSNER (Austria),
  •  Maiia ROUSSEVA (Bulgaria),
  •  Bart Van LIEROP (Netherlands)

Substitute members

  •  Anata ARNAUDOVSKA (« the former Yugoslav Republic of Macedonia »),
  •  Kathrin KLETT (Switzerland),
  •  Raffaele SABATO (Italy)

Replies by country