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INKRAFTTRETEN der Europäischen Menschenrechtskonvention

3. September 1958

Anzahl der umgesetzten Fälle*



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Reforms made after mother lost custody of her children simply because of her religion

Ingrid Hoffmann was a Jehovah’s Witness. When she got divorced, a child psychologist advised that Ingrid should be given custody of her two children, because of their close emotional ties. However, a court ruled that the father should get custody, because of Ingrid’s religion. The European court ruled that this had been discriminatory – leading to changes to prevent the same happening again.

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Fair custody rights for fathers of children born out of marriage

Under Austrian law, custody of a child born out of marriage was automatically given to the mother, with few exceptions. Meanwhile, custody of children born within marriage was decided according to the child’s best interests. At the Strasbourg court, Mr Sporer successfully argued that this was unfair – leading to a change in Austrian law.

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Legal challenge brings an end to the state monopoly on TV and radio

During the 1970s and 1980s, various Austrians wanted to set up local TV or radio stations. However, Austrian law banned them from doing so, as it gave the Austrian Broadcasting Company a monopoly. The Strasbourg court ruled that the ban was disproportionate and violated the right to free speech. The judgment led to the opening up of broadcasting regulations.

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* Diese Zahl schließt umgesetzte Urteile des Europäischen Gerichtshofs für Menschenrechte und umgesetzte gütliche Einigungen gerichtlicher Verfahren ein. Die Statistik wird jährlich zu Beginn jedes Kalenderjahres aktualisiert. Quelle: Datenbank der Abteilung zur Umsetzung von Urteilen des EGMR, HUDOC-EXEC.