The European Institute of Cultural Routes delivers trainings to representatives of the  Cultural Route of the Council of Europe and Cultural Routes projects, governmental officials as well as national, regional and local stakeholders in the field of tourism, culture and sustainable development.

The aim of the trainings provided by the European Institute of Cultural Route is to build and strengthen professional capacities for the effective design, implementation and management of Cultural Routes in line with the guidelines established by the Cultural Route of the Council of Europe programme.

Seminars are also oriented to strengthening State capacity to underpin the Cultural Routes of the Council of Europe programme, by providing effective tools and resources to identify and support Cultural Routes projects crossing the country and to promote the extension of certified Cultural Routes’ networks.


For more information on EICR Training offers, please contact the EPA Secretariat at the following address: culturalroutes[at]



Europäisches Institut für Kulturrouten (EICR)

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